Why Us?

Why Us?

When you come to Copper Tree you become part of the Copper Tree Family!  Most people say that they love the fact that their names are remembered, they are greeted with a smile and they are not just a number.  We are locally owned and there is something great about supporting your community that you can’t get otherwise.


We are not your typical yoga studio.  We have taken the beauty of yoga and its amazing traditions, philosophy and spiritual essence and intertwined it with new research, functionality and every day modern living.  We understand that our bodies today are not like they were 5,000 years ago, even 100 years ago and we have adapted our yoga “safely” and effectively to meet those needs.  Our classes have been commented on numerous times, by physical therapists and chiropractors for the in-depth knowledge of the body, safety and actual approach of helping versus blind guidance.


We don’t practice here based on popularity or performance.  Even in yoga “fads” play through.  Our first and foremost focus and concern is actually helping the person, and in a welcoming way “giving them what they need more than what they want”, and this keeps people coming back again and again.


We understand the integration of “real” life experience brought to the mat.  What you experience on the mat is a mirror for what is going on in your life.  We are here to help students understand that and work though that step by step.


We are noted for our individual attention in a group atmosphere.  You are not lost in the crowd, our staff is not here to perform for you they are here to actually “teach” you and guide you and help you get the most out of your class.  You will feel the difference here.


Focus on functionality. Our yoga classes should be helping us and much of what we do is based solely on the actual functionality of the body.  Questioning poses and movements in the quality of life; “how is this going to help me live better”? This functional approach offers better alignment for students, reasons why we are practicing what we are practicing and actual bodily break through experiences for students as the improve their quality of life.  “Do you want to be the 2,000 year old temple that last through the elements for the best quality of life, or the funky, trendy house that will need to be remolded year after year with issues and injuries?” Is often what we stress to our students here.


Everyone and anyone teaches “core” or “Pilates” in today’s mind-body world but our core work is solely based off of spinal health, research and movement that will actually help you, our trademarked Core Functional Fitness™ created by Hope Zvara has gotten great response from physical therapists, personal trainers, yoga teachers and chiropractors for actually being safe and effective.  We emphasize quality, knowledge and using the right muscles versus just getting it done.


Quality variety.  What we offer we stand behind.  The props we use (and we use a lot) we understand and teach our students how to actually use them properly instead of rushing through them to “feel the burn”.  It’s not uncommon for a yoga class to use an acuBall™, or foam roller, glider, or resistance band.  And our blended classes are not based on a unique name or idea but on what would actually benefit the body.


An amazing integration of body, mind and spirit.  We are one unit and our staff gets that.  What is going on in your body is a cry and a message for what you need internally.  Yoga and any mind-body class should integrate the physical with the mental and emotional.  At Copper Tree we get that.


You won’t find another class like ours anywhere.  We have students from all over and some that have traveled all over the world and what we continuously here is “I have never found anyone else or anywhere else that teaches like you all do”.


Love what we are about and want to practice what we do at Copper Tree at home? Join Hope Zvara, owner of Copper Tree Yoga Studio & Wellness Center any time, anywhere with the click of a button in her Virtual Yoga Studio –> CLICK HERE to find out more!


We can’t wait to meet you and see you on your mat!