Yoga Q & A

Question & Answer with Hope Zvara RYT500, CPT

What are wellness classes?


“Wellness classes are classes developed for people of all ages, genders, abilities and the like to participate in as preventative medicine.  Wellness classes are all the more ‘mind-body’ classes: yoga (various styles), Core Functional Fitness and our various specialty classes.  Wellness classes offer a lifestyle approach incorporated into the class, finding that struggles and strengths in class are mirrored out of class.


Who can do these classes?


Anyone can participate in the classes offered at Copper Tree; people of all ages benefit from mind-body exercises.  We place a high value on our staff in that they are trained well, friendly, insightful and around here there is no such thing as auto pilot, classes are creative, safe, functional and spiritually liberating.

Here we focus a lot on functionality and safety, our teachers are not on display at the front of the room, they are here to help you have the best experience, continually offering variations, adjustments, and using props to help you body feel what they pose is offering you, not to try to look like the pose.


But I’m not flexible; there is no way I can do any of these.


That’s why yoga and practices like Core Functional Fitness™ are so important!  If you are tight you will only get tighter with age.  And especially if you are doing intense cardio: running, power walking, swimming, biking, or are simply just sitting around. you need to supplement those activities with something that increases flexibility within the necessary range of what is needed for your lifestyle.


I’m not at a good point in my life right now to start a mind-body practice; I need to get my head on straight.


“On the contrary, this is the point where you need a mind-body practice & approach to life, to wellness helping you to “getting your head on straight”.   A way to cope a new point of view, a new perspective on life or your situation yoga focuses especially on this aspect.


I’m just so busy I don’t have any time to come to class, I have so much going on, work, my kids & family, projects, & errands I just can’t find the time.


We need to remember one vital thing: “what you give to yourself, you give to the world”.  And if you are just simply giving to every other cause except yours you will have nothing left and after a while and it will no longer be coming from the heart, but out of spite or frustration.  We learn soon after the first class we take for ourselves that we “need” this time each week-even better, each day.  It’s O.K. to schedule your practice in at first, then after a while you will find that your life is much more blissful and you are happier, balancing all your tasks with a bounce in your step simply because you took the time out for you.  Many of our students say that they can’t figure it out but they get all they need done and then some on their “Copper Tree” days and that the quality is much better!


So many people are teaching classes like Yoga & “core” based classes, how do I know if what I am doing is right?


First off you can right away ask the instructor where he or she got certified, how long the certification was and if he/she continues their education.  I’ll be honest a weekend or day long training won’t cut it.  Ask yourself this, would you go to a physician who read a few books on the topic or maybe just watched a video and is now ready to prescribe you some pills or watched a video before work and will now be performing surgery on you or your child?  I sure hope not, wellness classes are preventative medicine and it is essential that your instructor put a lot of time and continuing education into his/her expertise or practice.  Hope and her staff take very seriously that those who enter the doors at Copper Tree need to be in a “safe” environment both physically and emotionally and the support system here reinforces just that.


I was told that I need to lift weights in order to keep my bone density at optimal range, and that cardio or aerobics is the only way to increase weight loss and lose inches, is there anything else I can do?


Yes, Yoga offers a natural weight bearing approach to the body, increasing bone density; while stretching and strengthening the body.  Not to mention strengthening and stretching the joints, at the same time giving you an all over leaner, slimmer look and physique.  Hope created Core Functional Fitness™ because she noticed holes in many methods of practice.  Pilates emphasis too much on flexion and being on your back, and many methods don’t take into consideration that your core includes your back muscles and is the hub of spinal heath. (to read more about CFF click the Core Functional Fitness tab)


What if you’re a runner or a football player, how about baseball, swimming, snowboarding or skiing or maybe just an avid walker are these types of classes offered at Copper Tree beneficial for me?


Wow!  All the people that were just mentioned are prime students needing all the things that Copper Tree offers.  Yoga and CFF gets to the “core” of our being and starts working from there.  Now what is at our core is for us to discover it may be new physical discoveries that have been void up until now, but it also could be a pool of emotion, thought patterns and negative thinking that must be worked through to move forward in life.  “Our physical bodies are our spirits last hope to get us to listen”, so are you ready to listen?


What do I bring to class?


Well for starters, yourself (hehe), but at Copper Tree we provide everything you will need for class at no extra charge. So other than yourself, feel free to bring with a water bottle and wear comfortable movable clothing. Having your own mat is great, and we encourage our participants to invest in their own, however we have mats (that are cleaned after each use) for participants to use at no extra charge.