Class Etiquette

Class Etiquette at Copper Tree:

We work to keep a serene relaxing environment for our students.

Upon Entering:

We request that upon entering you mindfully and respectfully end all cell phone calls, reduce the volume of your voice and leave all unnecessary belongings outside Copper Tree’s walls.

Our studio walls are not 100% sound proof so please limit lobby talk and we ask that you keep your voice tone down in respect to those that may be in class enjoying the same benefits you are also coming to seek.

We also ask that you kindly remove your shoes, phones and personal items prior to going into the studio space. It is advised that you leave all personal belongings in your car or at home during practice for your safety. Copper Tree and the teachers teaching at Copper Tree cannot and are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


We accept Master Card and Visa, Debit Cards, local checks and cash. Your payment for attended services is due no later than on the date of service (unless otherwise requested). We reserve the right to refuse service if payment is not made at the time it is due.

All punch cards have a 6-month expiration, no exceptions, please purchase the appropriate punch card that will fit your needs and schedule. Our 30 day unlimited is only 30 days, there are no extensions and no holds. All punch cards are one per student. One punch equals one class.

Private class payments are to be made on or before the day of the session.

In Class Etiquette:

Copper Tree works to create and keep a relaxing and stress-free environment for all of its students we ask that:

Refrain from all gum, hard candies and food during class.

Only bring water that can have a closed cover to minimize spills.

Do not enter the studio room with shoes, we work to keep the outside dirt and energy outside.

We request that you limit all personal belonging that are brought in class, when classes are full there is minimal room for anything more than your mat and the necessary props.

Leave cell phones in your vehicle or turned off in the lobby.

Understand that your yoga mat is a symbol of your personal space in group classes and we request that you stay on your mat during session to limit distractions.

We ask that during class all students keep external noise to a minimum, many come to focus and step away from distraction, please be conscious of your actions verbally and physically.

We ask that you refrain from social conversations during class.

After class is over towels and Thieves spray is available for mat cleaning, we ask that all students who borrow mats clean them before returning them.

During class if questions arise that are necessary to ask during session we request that you quietly raise your hand to allow the instructor to quietly come over and assist, if it can be answered after class is over, our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

All students that wish to attend class that are under the age of 16 must attend with an adult to each class they wish to attend.

All students 16-18 must have a parent sign the waiver form and we request that the legal guardian or parent call or stop in upon their first visit.

For your safety and well-being we request that those with physical or mental disabilities or concerns contact our office prior to your first day of attendance to ensure the class of interest is appropriate for your attendance and that we have the means to assist you fully.

We reserve the right that if a student engages in verbal, sexual or violent conduct/behavior and jeopardizes the well-being of any or all of it’s students, we (Copper Tree) reserve the right to refuse service. And such student will be asked to leave class and the studio.

Copper Tree and it’s staff reserve the right to request any student not attend their class if the Copper Tree/Instructor feels the safety and well-being of such student is at risk. If such would occur Copper Tree/Instructor will educate and inform such student of more appropriate classes or services (ie. private yoga session, yoga 101, other specialty classes).

Those that are pregnant or less than 6 weeks postpartum we request that you first get clearance from your physician to ensure your safety and well-being.