Class Descriptions


Our Promise at Copper Tree:

Here at Copper Tree we believe that:

  • Yoga is a mindful practice
  • Spirituality is our inner core, and yoga is not a religion but rather a way to enhance what your belief system is
  • What the person is feeling is more important than what the pose looks like
  • We are all beginners at some point and at some place
  • Functional movement is key to long lasting health off the mat
  • Yoga is a mirror for how you live your life off the mat
  • There is no one style of yoga that is better than the other, but rather we like to question what you are doing in the class and ask if that gives merit to your body and life
  • Helping people become the best version of themselves is more than a perfect practice an aim for yoga
  • Teachers should be hands on with their students and we love ourselves some adjustments
  • We are here to create a safe haven for people to come free from judgement, and we will set the tone for that environment and assist you in the process of judging yourself less as well
  • The best time to start your practice is right now, right where you are

We are a unique studio in that we do not teach your typical yoga class, we are functionally based; what that means is we look at the body (your body) in terms of healthy movement patterns, how to restore areas that may have fell ill due to lifestyle, training or injury. We see each person as unique and we do not teach pose but rather movements that look like yoga.

In addition threaded throughout all of our classes is our foundation called Core Functional Fitness®, here each movement is an extension of the core, and core exercise is not seen as you on your back doing sit-ups or criss-cross 100 times over, but rather teaching and educating our students about proper core integration both on and off the mat, and how to move their bodies in a healthy, safe and effective way, and one vehicle we use is yoga.


Although we believe that there really isn’t a “level” in yoga, this can help those new to classes here navigate our schedule so that they attend one that will fit them best as far as their comfort level.


New to the practice &/or wanting a better understanding

All Levels:

Many of our classes are listed as all levels, we have a wide variety of students at Copper Tree and our style of yoga and movement along with quality instructors does well serving all experience levels. Beginners are welcome to these classes.

Level 1, BEGINNER:

New or little experience, all levels welcome


Some experience and understanding, and has a basic knowledge, some new poses are introduced and variations of;

all levels welcome, here basic inversions are introduced.


Has a good knowledge of the poses, here you will pick up the pace or challenge of the postures themselves.  Here we dig deeper into the mental and spiritual means of the practice, moving deeper into the pose and beyond the pose.  At this point the student has a good self “body” awareness. Inversions are incorporated as a staple in the class.

Level 4, ADVANCED:

For students currently holding a firm practice and looking for challenging poses and a wanting to develop a deeper spirituality in their lives.  Postures from the basic to a more advanced level are all incorporated for more variety and challenge, inversions and arm balances are explored as a new branch in ones practice.  (Instructor Pre-Approval)

***There is no length of time that can tell a student her or she is a beginner or an advanced student; it all depends on the student him/herself.  Ideally, new or inexperienced students should start at the beginner level (or attend the 101 classes) first; if you are unsure where you may fall come and attend a beginner level class and we can the further direct you.  As you advance and gain understanding one should benefit from any class beginner or advanced, learning that what you put in is what you get out!***

Classes at Copper Tree:

Please note that some classes on the schedule are a blend of yoga and Core Functional Fitness and their descriptions are not shown because it is simply a combination of the listed below.  Core Functional Fitness is a method we use as a foundation in all classes, it is a way of thinking, moving and activating your body. We have classes that have specific movements we have deemed CFF, however ALL OF OUR YOGA CLASSES ARE rooted in such principles for your safety, health and functionality.

For further questions please contact our business office at 262-670-6688.

Core Functional Fitness™:

Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara(TM) is a functional method of movement that addresses postures, movements and body alignment from the ground up, both on and off the mat.  The focus is not on “do this movement” or “perform this way”, but on how the body communicates with itself for functional, applicable movements specified to one’s needs.  Function in your life!  This method takes common yoga, Pilates and various movement methods and revamps them to a healthy, safe and functional approach.  This class incorporates various props and unique out-of-the-box methods to work the entire body especially the core.  CFF addresses that the “core” is the center of ever movement and if there is a lack of awareness of this area and function it doesn’t matter how hard you push or challenge yourself you will never get where you hope to be.  CFF sees the spine as sacred and that core health and function should be in relation to spinal health and then take that and address our needs in our everyday lives.

Hatha Yoga:

This style of yoga focus on correct posture and alignment.  Different props are used to allow the student to feel what it’s like in the poses.  This class blends holdings, and small flows to bring variety to each class.  Hatha yoga is not a particular style of practice but an umbrella term for the physical practice of yoga itself.  We focus on functionality in our hatha yoga and strive for healthy effective postures.  Less about trying to look like the pose and more about what the pose can do for you.

Asana Breakdown:

In this ongoing class, each week will focus on a specific pose which we dissect from head to toe.

  • We will utilize similar postures that are more accessible to understand which muscles are involved
  • We will focus on which muscles need to open up and which need to be active
  • We will learn prop drills to enhance the posture that you can also easily do at home.
  • Great for people just starting out looking to develop their postures as well as studied practitioners looking to refine their practice.

Sun Salutations:

A flow of primarily: standing, forward and backward bending poses, are the foundations of these classes; used to warm and loosen the body; other postures are incorporated into the flow to create variety and challenge.  Don’t be surprised to see fun poses, props and inspirations thrown into these classes.

Yoga Strength & Core Functional Fitness™:

Tone & strengthen your body and mind from within! Light weights are used to increase upper body resistance, toning, and strength. Flowing sequences and holdings add to the multiple benefits of your regular workout while feeling centered. Yoga is especially important for athletes, however in this sedentary “chair bound” society light weight bearing in combination with yoga is an amazing way to build lean muscle, burn fat and strengthen the body on all levels. This class thrives on control, not just throwing the body around to move the weights; here you will be brought to the edge and back.  Here your core is fused into everything we do on the mat, plus using light weights encourages “close to the bone” toning, building bone density and core strength.

Functional Flow:

Join us on the mat as we move from asana to asana in a safe, better for your body kind of way. Get the benefits of a moving practice to help build endurance and get your heart rate up (all levels appropriate) but in a way that builds up good postural habits in the body with movement that mimic healthy movement patterns off the mat. Get ready for some fun, move, and most likely laugh in this great yoga class!

This class is a moderate pace and appropriate for all levels.

Props and variations will be offered to help each person personalize their practice to suite them best!

Yoga Mixer:

Yoga Mixer is a blend of everything you love at Copper Tree! From Yin to weights, foam rolling to Core Functional Fitness, and your staple yoga postures and breath work all mixed in. Get ready to move and then the next week relax and stretch out! The perfect mix of all things mind-body-breath!

Restorative Yoga / Yin Yoga:

Yin Yoga is a passive style of yoga in which you work to move fascia in the body, that which binds and restricts us. In order to stretch this area of the body a posture must be help much longer to be most effective.  Yin yoga digs deep into the layers of the body and helps one to release the emotions, feelings and memories stored within the body. This style of yoga focuses primarily on the hips, legs and spine in a floor style setting, shoulders and neck are incorporated to relieve the entire body. This is a must class for everyone that is looking for freedom in their body in any form. Yin Yoga is wonderful because “every pose is a mini meditation” Yin allows one to dig in, not just physically but internally, our physical bodies are our souls last resort to get us to listen, so now its time”. Our Yin Yoga classes go one step further and look at functionality as a principle in each pose, when you address functionality you take into consideration the entire body and it’s integration into life.

Stretch & Relax Yoga:

Stretch and Relax Yoga is a class focused on slow movements, much of it being floor based to help you ease into the day. Poses are held longer for a more soothing release. This class includes a variety of Yin based poses, gentle dynamic movements and supportive restorative positions. All abilities are welcome!

Pranayama (Breathing Practice):

Pranayama is control of Breath”. “Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body. On subtle levels prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and “ayama” means control. So Pranayama is “Control of Breath”. One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve healthy body and mind. Here we will explore different techniques to move the breath.

Kundalini Yoga: Offered periodically through the year

The Kundalini is untapped energy (prana) at the base of the spine that can be drawn up through the body awakening each of the seven chakras. Full enlightenment occurs when this energy reaches the Crown Chakra. Kundalini energy is often represented as a snake coiled at the base of the spine.

Each Kundalini Yoga asana series is done in conjunction with a specific breath that intensifies the effects of the poses with the purpose of freeing energy in the lower body and allowing it to move upwards. Kundalini sequences (called kriyas) may consist of rapid, repetitive movements done with breath or holding a pose while breathing in a particular way.

Kundalini is one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond the physical performance of poses with its emphasis on breathing, meditation, mudras and chanting. However, the Kundalini sequences can be very physically intense. This type of yoga appeals to those who are up for both mental and physical challenges.

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