Class Info

A Friendly Reminder From Copper Tree Staff:

  • Please arrive 5-15 minutes prior to class start time, the door will be locked at the exact time of class.
  • It is not Copper Tree’s responsibility to accommodate late arrivals, please plan accordingly.
  • In addition we ask that you plan to stay the entire class not to leave early, it is disruptive to yourself and others to leave before the end of class.


When coming to class please be mindful of the space you practice in. It is not necessary to bring in cell phones (please turn off if left in lobby), any purses, bags, coats, shoes or anything else related to the outside world. Within your space of the studio all you will need is your mat, maybe a water and yourself, please leave all other belongings outside the studio, classes can be full and we do not have the space for personal belongings.

Thank you!

Checking into classes on-line is optional to our students, but when doing so please note that you have a 2 hour window prior to the class to cancel, with less than 2 hours your class will deduct from your pass. Please note we do not require you to early check-in on-line, this is simply a courtesy.


Please click the image below for a downloadable waiver form.