Kids Yoga & Parties


Yoga is for all ages, and when better to start than when you are young.  There’s a saying “you’re as young as your spine is flexible”, well you are the most flexible you will ever be in your life when you are a kid.

When you are born you have 300 bones in your body and by the time you are an adult you have only 206 bones, so you can see how flexible you really are as an infant.  Here parents are shown how to work with their babies’ bodies and not to fight against them, to help promote proper growth, development, organ and digestive function and brain development.  Babies start learning from the day they are born, it’s never too early to start.  Parents are shown proper holds, soothing techniques, tips and suggestions are shared with parents (new and old) to help ease the challenges of a baby’s first year.  Moms and Dads are encouraged to use what they learn at class to help their young child develop and grow.

What do you do in a Kids Yoga class?

Classes are taught in a “kid friendly” way, the instructor play’s along to help encourage complete interaction among the kids.  Kids are constantly told what to do all day long and our method of teaching young kids is to come to their level and let them know who is running the class without losing that vital interaction of being on their level.  Kids are given their own mats as a symbol of “their space” and it is used as a means to keep all the kids on track and respectful of the other children’s personal space.

Regardless of age, kids are taken through the traditional phases of a yoga class (warm-up, asana/games, cool-down, visualization/breath work, relaxation), pose cards are used to help kids learn colors, animals, shapes and whereabouts of the cards means. Magic journeys, trips and adventures are explored in class to help kids stay kids.  Both interpersonal and intrapersonal communications are explored among the kids to help with social and internal development.

Poses are practiced in a non-intimidating way to help kids grow and expand their social skills, the emotions and feelings are explored and talked about: anger, fear, stress, panic, happiness, joy, sadness and the like to teach kids how to cope identify what is going on in their lives.  Hand-eye coordination is explored and body awareness is emphasized; classes are taught facts about their bodies, animals and the ever changing world around us, math, language and science is incorporated to assist kids in their ever growing thirst for knowledge in a fun and playful way. Everyone is treated equally, and no one is left behind.

Kids are taught early on that everyone is different and we explore the means of respect, love, friendship, patience, sharing, will.  Various ages are brought together to help teach kids how to play together, encouraging younger kids to be more independent and older kids how to help, share and create an unbiased as to age.

What are my options for my children and yoga?

Baby Yoga:

In this class parents (or caregivers) join their little ones for a wonderful experience of  baby yoga poses, games, songs and social interaction with other young babies and toddlers. (THIS CLASS WILL BE OFFERED AGAIN IN THE SPRING)

Postnatal Yoga with Baby:

This is a great class for mom to get back into her body again with her loved one in tow! No experience necessary! Join us as we move through various movements perfect and safe for a postnatal mother and at the same time interactive with that new little bundle of joy.

YogaKids-Kids Yoga (4-10 years)

Similar means are used and merely adapted to an older persona.  Kids begin to be exposed to a more “adult format” for parts of the class to help emphasize discipline.  No experience needed.

Tween & Teen Yoga (11 -15)

These ages are taught on request or demand of the population at large, classes are taught similar to an adult class but still incorporating a “kid like atmosphere” at times to help “kids stay kids”.  Stress, peer-pressure, challenges, body image and the like are all talked about and addressed in classes with practicing postures and meditation.

Family Yoga (ages emphasized 2-18 years, all ages are welcome)

Everyone is welcome!  Families are taken through structured class format and playful poses, games and activities to give the entire family a way to interact, be silly, connect and remember what it’s like to be a family.  Poses are practiced both individually and as a family, parents are encouraged to help their kids along, but still let them explore their own bodies.

Kids Yoga Birthday Parties

At your place or ours?  The choice is yours, parties can be themed or simply a great way to play!

Parties typically are bring your own cake, and refreshments.

Parties run 2-hours, pricing varies: $150 for the first 10 participants, and $10 for each additional child attending.

Other possibilities:

Boys & Girls Club activities

Boy & Girl Scouts Yoga Badges

Big Brothers & Big Sisters “Night Out”

Mom’s Groups

Home School Activities

School Wellness Week Yoga Classes

Kids with special needs are welcome to attend classes or privates can be arranged with or without the parent to enhance development